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Building with GHD Coastal Homes



There are 13 municipalities north to south of the approximate 35 miles of Pinellas’ coastline.  We make it our business to be well-informed about all of them.


We stay abreast of redevelopment issues and know how to interpret the ever-changing zoning codes. We understand the nuances of impact fees – and know which ones can be waived for tear-down homes.


Since our intention is to make a positive difference to the streetscape by revitalizing the coastal beach towns with new homes, we understand the process of demolition and ground preparation.


Compliance with current FEMA Flood Codes and Building Regulations are critical to our success. Most especially during ground preparation, geo-tech soils testing and flood zone assessments for foundation pilings.



We are managing, overseeing, questioning, deciphering all on your behalf.


Especially for our homebuyers that have a location and conceptual home design in mind, our in-house engineers and architects work toward ensuring your dreams can be achieved. Setbacks, seawalls, flood foundation pilings, the demolition process, value-engineering and more. We make it easy for you so that you can spend more time preparing for your new lifestyle.


Consider all the possible complications, the unknown factors during demolition, the ins-and-outs to ensure a smooth permit approval process. Now consider our strong vendor and trade partner alliances and our almost fifty years’ experience. Isn’t it comforting to know the builder of your home knows what it takes to build your home?



There are 4 main elements included in every home constructed by GHD Coastal Homes.


  1. Every home is structurally constructed to at least 150MPH hurricane standards (windows, doors, walls)

  2. Every home is elevated to meet or exceed FEMA Flood Elevation guidelines

  3. Every home is completely Energy Efficient

  4. Every home is delivered with Unsurpassed Quality

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